Jeff Hopp is a creator and producer of electronic space music at MARS Studio.

His music project is the Man and Robot Society

The distinction between humans and machines will someday be almost unrecognizable.  The merging of man and machine has begun.

This is the driving theme behind Man and Robot Society

From recent reviews:

The Cave - 'Like an electron’s trip down the lanes of an ARP circuit-board'

Summer Triangle Music Blog - 'A Spiritual Space Voyage'  

Space Rock UK Magazine - 'As good a slab of space rock as you will hear on any planet' 

PsychMusicVK Russian Music Blog - 'Excellent conceptual works that will not leave you

indifferent in either musical or spiritual terms'

Thee Psychedelicatessen - 'If Kraftwerk came from Arizona'

Synths of Eden Music Blog  - 'Lush synthesizer electronic music, reminds me of Automat'

Man And Robot Society Official Website