What makes this art project unique!

To create the 50 Jimis I started with a single portrait painted by hand using pen, ink, and Prismacolor pencil. I then created 50 unique variations using Paint Shop Pro on my artist computer and Procreate on my iPad. The 50 variations are all created by hand. Although some of the background landscape creations were assisted by AI, the portrait variations were not generated using pompted algorithms. This method, when compared to using algorithms, was highly time-consuming, but I feel the results are more personal and meaningful when looking at each piece as an individual work of art. 

 A Special Thanks to You!

Thank you for supporting the 50 Jimis NFT Project which will ensure the success of the upcoming vinyl release of Man and Robot Society's 'Asteroid Lost'. Please follow the project on  Opensea, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram.

NFT drop date - March 1, 2024.