The 50 Jimis NFT Project is the latest art project by Jeff Hopp

I've created this NFT project to help raise funds for the June, 2024 release of my next album entitled 'Asteroid Lost', which will be my second official vinyl release on the Sound-Effect Record Label. Please help me make this release a successful one! Thank you - Jeff Hopp and the  Man And Robot Society

Mint Begins on Opensea on March 1st

Sound-Effect Records produced my 2017 release of Robosapien. They are a Greek label that produces vinyl albums and distributes them worldwide. I am very proud to be one of their artists.

Having an album produced by any label is not a free service, and although Sound-Effect Records goes to great lengths supporting their artists,  there are still many production fees that the artist pays.  

The 50 Jimis NFT project is a form of crowdfunding to help cover the production costs of 'Asteroid Lost' which will be released in the Summer of 2024.

Supporting this project will ensure 'Asteroid Lost' will be a successful release and contribute to future music creations by Man and Robot Society. Thank you.