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Kid-Tested and Judge-Certified by Story Monster Ink!

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The Rainbow Dragon is a beautifully illustrated, fun story for children that encourages imagination and learning about others and appreciating the good things we have.
In the Valley of the Rainbow lives a little dragon named Redtail Smalltooth. Though happy, Redtail knows only dragons that fly and blow smoke from their noses – and even fireballs into the night sky. Redtail is unimpressed and doesn’t care to learn their silly tricks. He longs for the days of old when human children lived in the valley doing such magical things as flying kites and sipping tea.
One day while out for a walk flying his imaginary kite, Redtail encounters a rainbow and when he touches it an amazing thing happens – a child appears!
Excellent on every level – The Rainbow Dragon has all the elements of a great fantasy, rendered in a fresh, alluring, well-crafted world, with sympathetic characters and tons of mystery.