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Welcome All Species!

16th Jul 2014
Third Edition

Kindle Third Edition

THREE DREAMS 3rd Edition – Published July 12, 2014 Click on thumbnail for Full View of Cover Artwork Kindle Edition updated!I added a third story to my kindle publication‘Where the...

31st Mar 2014
Phanerosphene Part I


Phanerosphene Part I by Soul Machine Cover art by Jeff Hopp The time has come to write a new story…”Phanerosphene Part I” is born! Introducing musical genius Soul Machine! So...

24th Feb 2014
Soul Machine - Chromaesthesia

Soul Machine – Chromaesthesia

Soul Machine, on the So French Records label, has just released Chromaeshesia, the first EP from his new project Phanerosphere. Several EP’s from the project will be separately released in...

29th Jan 2014

The Logos

From Page 14 of Jeff Hopp’s THE LEGEND OF THE MIND The Logos In 1971 Terence McKenna, his brother Dennis, and three others traveled to the Colombian Amazon in search...

09th Jan 2014
Jimi Hendrix Blotter Thumb

Jimi Hendrix Blotter Art has licensed two of Jeff Hopp’s paintings of two psychedelic music legends, Jimi Hendrix and John Lennon and are now offering them in blotter art form. Signed versions of...

03rd Jan 2014
Greetings from Planet Red


WELCOME ALL SPECIES to the Psychedelic Worlds of Jeff Hopp Jeff Hopp is a Tempe, Arizona based psychedelic artist whose work has a narrative quality that leads viewers into his...

06th Nov 2013
A Day at the Beach with Picasso

Kindle Update

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ROCK andA DAY AT THE BEACH WITH PICASSO 2nd Edition – Published November 4, 2013 Click on thumbnail for Full View of Cover Artwork Kindle Edition...

16th Oct 2013
Where the Wild Things Rock

Where the Wild Things Rock on Kindle

WHERE THE WILD THINGS ROCKKindle Version – Published October 15, 2013 Click on thumbnail for Full View of Cover Artwork This is a rock and roll parody of the classic...

01st Oct 2013

Bob Marley

BOB MARLEY’S RAINBOW COUNTRY16 x 17 inch Prismacolor / Pen and Ink PaintingFinished September 1st, 2013Click on thumbnail for Full View Bob Marley infused his music with a profound sense...

04th Jul 2012
CD artwork

“The Adventurous World of S.W.”

Several years ago I was contracted to do an album cover for Dutch musician Sjoerd Wijdoogen. I posted the artwork under the working title “Vinyl Mushrooms” on here. Well,...

12th Apr 2012
cover art

Starlog 041212

The Man and Robot Society is a secret organization whose mission is to seek out and discover higher levels of consciousness. In the Tales of the Reluctant Astronaut, the vessel...

20th Dec 2011
First Friday 12/2/2011

Season’s Greetings from Beyond the Rim

Wishing all you strange earthlings a Happy Holiday. May all your voyages in 2014 be blessed. The above pics are from my booth at the Phoenix First Fridays event held...